For the regular Air Rifle Shooter, we offer the following:

A full HFT course through our wooded area,

which provides the perfect environment to 'Knockover' those targets.

There are 30 lanes with one target along each lane at varying distances between 8 - 45 yards.

We also offer a full Plink/Zero range!

From Crows, Rabbits, Squirrels, Pigeons and Rats, a
ll our targets are 'Knockover' pull ups with 
varying kill zones.

Every target follows the HFT rules and regulations on distance and kill zone size.

Our HFT course is available every other Sunday throughout the year!!!

(See date page for more details)


For the complete novice - If you want to take up the sport, we can help you get started

 and really enjoy taking part in this exciting and competitive sport.

For all Parties and Groups this can be a relaxed and enjoyable activity, from youngsters through to the more mature,

this activity is well worth trying!

Give us a call to find out more details.